Cover Image for Casa de Carmen 2.0

Cover Image for Casa de Carmen 2.0

Casa de Carmen 2.0

Pescadero, Baja California Sur, México

Topography and ocean views in a unique site result in an angular home tucked onto the hillside where every room is front and center

New Home and Guest House situated in a rapidly expanding area outside the quaint fishing and surfing town of Pescadero. The design of the buildings was carefully crafted to minimize excavation and solar heat gain, while maximizing the stunning views, natural light, and the ocean breezes that provide all-natural ventilation.

The public areas of the main house are at the top of the site and open up to a pool deck with breathtaking ocean views while the other side of the house offers striking mountain views. The lower level of the house includes two master suites that are nestled against the hillside and the pool’s retaining walls opening onto the views along the ravine.

An entry and parking court at the bottom of the site efficiently connects all project components while keeping services and cars hidden from the upper-level views.

A 630-SF “Casita” sits atop a simple concrete block structure that houses shared parking, storage, and laundry facilities. The Casita can serve as a separate rental or a guest house that leverages its proximity to the pool and garden, it’s ocean view maintaining a sense of privacy at the same time.

The main house boasts contrasts in its design -- the ocean side features large, glazed openings and a cast-in-place concrete finish while the side with brown and earthy mountain views is of contrasting rammed earth and glass alternating “piers”.

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