Cover Image for Dingbat Habitat

Cover Image for Dingbat Habitat

Dingbat Habitat

with Ella Hazard and Travis Frankel

Reinvention of the 1950’s LA iconic Dingbat typology creates a new model of flexible, sustainable and community focused housing.

Dingbat Habitat is intended to keep its promises: it addresses the need for fexible housing and growing need for densifcation while providing amenities and quality of life that aren’t typical of this housing scale. A new model of living: the business of life is addressed in an efcient and well-designed interior while the pleasure of living is pulled to the exterior onto expansive shared balconies in semi-private living, dining and entertaining spaces that promote social interaction and reinforce the idea and support system of the community. Two typical & interchangeable foor plans generate dynamic shapes keeping construction afordable. The units themselves - with sliding and pivoting wall systems - are fexible and designed to change size, confguration and orientation accommodating changing family, community or business needs. At an urban scale, the rear yard setbacks of 2 or more sites are accentuated and connected as part of a large public green space that extends through the center of the site.

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