Cover Image for Gower Mausoleum

Cover Image for Gower Mausoleum

Gower Mausoleum

with LehrerArchitectsLA

An open-air, 100ft tall,300ft long Mausoleum provides necessary inventory and serves as a landmark for the iconic Cemetery

An entitled design serving the needs and goals for future internment will extend the life of the Cemetery another 50 years by adding and integrating 30,000 new crypts into the existing park-lawn cemetery in a timeless manner that enhances and celebrates the cemetery’s iconic cultural presence in the Hollywood community to benefit the public.

A three-phase development on the last remaining undeveloped site will occupy the cemetery’s full Gower frontage. A series of concrete and stone towers provide the required crypts while stepping back and alternating with raised gardens that extend to the top of the building - a planted topography that brings the spirit of the park-lawn cemetery to the neighborhood.

Open circulation and gathering spaces provide the interstitial tissue that weaves together the program and creates a rhythmic facade that breaks down its scale tot the neighborhood while maintaining its monumentality.

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