Cover Image for Avon ADU

Cover Image for Avon ADU

Avon ADU

with Hamish Dickson, A.I.A.

A second home and workshop transform an underutilized backyard into a multi-generational family activity hub

This new free-standing addition to a small single-family home in LA’s Echo Park neighborhood takes advantage of the Accessory Dwelling Unit regulations to re-think and holistically utilize the property to create a family compound that includes a mother-in-law unit and a creative workshop.

Designed as a simple volume along the back end of the property, the new contemporary addition compliments, contrasts and re-frames the character of the existing Spanish colonial structure. The new structure acts as a buffer that creates a vibrant, secluded central courtyard.

Polished concrete floors and simple white cabinetry contrast the warmth of a Douglas-fir panelized wall of concealed storage and utilities. Streamlined detailing of the finishes creates a calm and discreet “background” to the richly colored and detailed furnishings and art from the family’s roots in Thailand.

The new one-bedroom home for the family cook and restaurateur grandmother provides her with a main space focused on food and gathering that fully opens onto the courtyard.

The workshop occupies the opposite end of the building and fully opens to a work yard on the alley side to effectively protect the homes and open spaces from the “messiness” and the noise.

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