Cover Image for Lexington

Cover Image for Lexington


with Hamish Dickson, A.I.A.

A sloped volume at the rear becomes a sculptural backdrop for the yard while creating a secluded indoor-outdoor new home.

A simple and efficient floor plan is transformed into a small home full of daylight and indoor-outdoor living in a tight backyard urban condition. The main shaped volume holds the living room and bedroom spaces separated by the bathroom, while a low and compact flat roof volume incorporates support spaces -- closets, laundry, and kitchen.

The sloped “wedge” mass allows for 15-foot-tall windows at the living spaces while providing a lower, more intimate space for the bedroom. Tight setbacks of just 4-feet from the back and side property lines extend the interior spaces by eroded corners with sliding glass panels that seamlessly create a larger indoor-outdoor living space.

The main volume is clad in fiber-cement, ship-lapped, siding in response to the historic wood siding of the original house while the low kitchen volume is fi nished in a smooth cement plaster as a compositional piece with the planar cement plaster element of the main house addition.

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