Cover Image for Linda Vista

Cover Image for Linda Vista

Linda Vista

Permanent supportive housing for un-housed and at-risk youth

26 units of permanent supportive housing are spread across three sites. Close together but not next door, the sites are woven into a community of caring, both amongst themselves, with other senior living and youth and family services organizations nearby and into the broader community of Boyle Heights.

All the sites share a common architectural language--ample natural light, a range of public, semi-public and private indoor-outdoor spaces, and a roofscape referencing the single-family scale of adjacent properties. All 3 sites act as one campus, with shared services--including public and private offices, support services, meeting areas, and a community garden open to the public--the project includes 17 one-bedroom and 9 two-bedroom units. The intended clients include formerly homeless teens and households with Section 8 vouchers.

Given funding and schedule constraints, the design team, developer, funder, and clients are collaborating to ensure a “by-right” permitting approach, avoiding lengthy and costly additional reviews. At $390K per unit project cost, the development aims to be almost half as expensive as standard-issue supportive housing in LA.

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